Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair in North Carolina, with offices in Durham NC and Wilmington NC

Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair in North Carolina

Signs of Foundation Problems

The following photos show signs of foundation problems that you might see in your house. Waterproofing can help prevent foundation problems. Foundation repair can help with sticking doors, cracked brick, leaning chimneys, and uneven floors. A stable foundation can also add to the value of your home! Call us today for a homeowner estimate, (919) 479-7100.
  • Cracks in exterior walls
    Foundation problems often appear as stairstep cracks in brick walls.

  • Bowed basement walls
    Foundation problems are often seen first in the basement, with leaning walls, cinder block cracks, or leaks in the basement walls.


  • Sticking Door or Window
    Foundation repair can free your doors and windows to open and close without sticking.

  • Foundation Cracks
    If you see a concrete crack in your wall foundation, it is usually a sign that you need foundation repair.

  • Cracks in interior walls and on ceilings
    Plaster Cracks and Drywall Cracks

  • Uneven Floor
    If your floors are sinking, uneven or warped, it may not be a floor problem but a foundation problem.

  • Separating or leaning chimney
    If you have cracks in the brick of a chimney, or a chimney that is leaning away from your house, the problem may not be in the chimney but in the foundation. Foundation Xperts can evaluate the best way of repairing your chimney.