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Foundation Xperts FOUNDATION REPAIR Systems

Foundation Xperts uses two different steel foundation repair systems for
stabilizing a structure that has experienced settlement...


What is Steel Piering?

The steel push piering system is used to stablilize and/or raise the foundation of your home or business, while preventing further vertical settlement.

After a minimal amount of excavation (with minimal mess), a heavy-duty steel bracket is attached to the foundation.  Then, a steel pier is hydraulically driven through the bracket to bedrock or supporting strata to create a permanent new foundation support.

When the affected area of the foundation is repositioned and/or stabilized, the steel pier is locked permanently to the bracket.

Now you can have peace of mind that comes from knowing your foundation is stabilized and protected with Foundation Xperts transferable warranty!

What is a Helix Foundation System & How Does It Work?

Helix Foundations are an economical deep foundation alternative to wood and steel driven pile of concrete caissons.  They are also a sensible and often more reliable alternative to shallow footing and reinforced mat foundations.  In addition, Helix Foundations are excellent for suppporting low to high rise commercial contruction, new residential buildings and additions, retaining walls, boardwalks, and more.  The torque required to install a helix pier is a good indication of the strength, density and capacity of soils at the depth of the helix cutting blades.  Once the helix pier is successfully installed, it serves as a deep foundation support with both compression (downward) capacity and tension (upward) capacity up to 25 tons.

No Soil Spoils, No Vibration, No Heavy Equipment

Unlike the equipment and processes required to install other deep foundations, helix piers do not create any soil spoils that must be removed or distributed within the site.  The installation equipment is small, easily maneuverable and does not create vibration.  These features and benefits make Helix Foundations an efficient and affordable solution for jobsites with restrictive access or environmentally sensitive conditions.

When you want the very best protection against foundation failure, you can trust Foundation Xperts to protect your commercial or residential structures.

We guarantee it!