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Thank you!  You have a great group of people working. They are all very professional and work very hard.  I saw no wasted time by any of them. They were always working. Overall, I am pleased with the work.  I would have liked a little movement on some things immediately, but that is the way it is, because the goal is to make the foundation stable so we have no more movement in the future.  Thanks again for everything!
Robert Welborn, Greensboro

We were very happy with everything you've done for our home.  All of your crews came on time and left the work sites impeccably clean- especially the last job on the front.  I was amazed!

The work lived up to all expectations and hope we had.  The most important thing for me, honestly, was seeing how happy everyone in your crews were.  That, to me, proves more than anything the pride that people have in their company and their work. 

I firmly believe that your prices are fair and even quite inexpensive, for how much was involved!
-Nikos & Suzanne, Durham, NC

Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and helpful.  Frank came back out to make sure everything I wanted done was taken care of.  He also did a lot more than contracted for and did not charge extra.   I am very pleased that I used Foundation Xperts.
-Ms. Ferguson, Raleigh, NC

I told Randy and the guys what I wanted, and they told me what would solve my problem.  Everybody was very nice.  They did what I asked for, they did what they said would fix my problem.  They also came back after the job was finished to make sure everything was okay.

Thanks for a good job!
-Tom Yarborough, Durham, NC

Foundation Xpets, LLC, keep all of their promises!  Work is done in a timely and professional way.  You feel so secure and satisfied!  They respond to all request courteously and quickly.

Christie sets the "tone".  Randy, Frank, Steve and crew workers leave you very assured!  All results were excellent as promised!
-Ms. Gunter, Durham, NC
Thank you very much for your excellent timely work on the chimney.  It passed inspection with flying colors.
Charles Witzleben, Durham, NC

Randy & Frank,

Thank you both so much for all you did for us. Although

the insurance has denied our claim. I will still be able to

rest knowing my family will be safe and dry in storms to

to come.  God Bless you.

Oct 2008


“The work was done expertly and the workers were very professional.

I would recommend this company to anyone.”

Ms. Hitchcock,  Raleigh

October 2008

Thanks for the great work. We had others look at the problem before, but you were the first to pick up on the real cause and come in with a very realistic estimate. Thanks again.
David Field,  Chapel Hill NC
April 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

When we realized we might need a "doctor" for our home's foundation and crawl space humidity problem, we knew that early prevention was necessary and hopefully economical, as well.  
Therefore we were relieved to finally consult with one of the owners at Foundation Xperts, Randy Strickland, who explained carefully in detail without overwhelming us, how the problems arose, and how to resolve each on site. The personalized technical drawings reassured us that their technology was precise.
The procedures carried life of structure guarantees, which we could transfer to future owners as well.
Luckily we took photos of the Foundation Xperts machines at work, because there is little trace of the repairs afterwards! (It helps that their sister company is a landscaping construction company so we didn't have to be attentive to protection of our lawn and plantings).
This is a one-stop company that looks at the whole home repair picture. Improved drainage allowed for total humidity control, the Magnum Steel Piers resolved our foundation problems, and we finally understood and felt confident in our home's site.  That is a guarantee that wasn't mentioned in the contract, but it turns out to be equally important.
Don't put off seeing the Foundation Xperts!!

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you and your crew did on our sunroom pillars and the new French drain. You clearly explained what was needed to solve the problem and then efficiently and effectively executed the work. You and your crew were prompt, courteous, and thorough at all times, and the final price was consistent with the estimate. It was so nice to work with a real professional.


Ginny Fogg

January 2007

"Just wanted to say thank you again for recommending Dunrite.  They recommended Foundation Xperts and we were happy with their work and their prompt follow up to one problem. We have been putting off dealing with our foundation for years and it is great to know we are now stabilized!!  And Dunrite has been great- we will continue to use them for our "handyman" needs."   

Penny Paskoff
Home Builders Association,Durham NC 
March 2007 


Frank and his crew were awesome-prompt, polite, and courteous. Frank explained exactly what was happening during each part of the procedure, and made sure I knew what the results would look like before the crew got to work. It was incredibly stressful day for me, as my closing was later that morning, and the packing crew from the moving company was busy inside the house- the professionalism of Foundation Xperts, from the staff in the office to the crew on the ground- made it a very satisfying experience. I would recommend them to anyone!

Michelle Duval ,Raleigh NC
November 2007


The decision of whom to hire to do my foundation work was not easy, there was so much to learn and many companies to choose from.  But after meeting with Randy I felt comfortable and assured that they would do the best job at a fair price.   Dianne also made me feel comfortable with the company and Frank and the rest of the guys were very knowledgeable and competent with the job the came out to do.  In the end, I was very happy with my decision to use Foundation Xperts and I recommend them highly.

Becky Finley

October 07


My husband and I have experienced extensive foundation problems with our current home, including a moving slab. We decided to go with Foundation Xperts because they offered what we thought to be the best solution to our problem - not just helical piers for our foundation, but slab jacks plus pressure grout to stabilize and support our floor.  We have been extremely pleased with the concern and personable nature of the two partners, Randy and Frank. They took a lot of time to investigate our problems, explain what they felt was the best route, and to check in with us during and after the work was completed.  I especially appreciate their quick return of phone calls, their prompt service, and the care they showed for doing a professional job.  I would definitely recommend them to friends, relatives and neighbors!

Joanie Brown, Durham, NC
December 2006

From the time of the site visit, we felt confident of your knowledge and professionalism. We were quiet impressed with the way your work was done-very efficient and thorough.  I also appreciate your willingness for me to be "nosey" and taking time to explain why you were  doing what you were doing.  Your crew works really well together, which is a sign of a good company! Also, what an excellent job of cleaning up after your work was done!  We'd be glad to be listed as a reference for your company.

Joanna George, Durham NC
January 2006


When Randy Grice was here doing the job, I asked him if you were as sweet as you sounded on the phone, he said you were. It was so nice dealing with a company who always kept in touch and did what they said they were going to do and were ALWAYS on time. J


Foundation Xperts is a very dependable and reliable company. They are professional and ALWAYS on time with very friendly and competent employees. Randy Strickland, the owner, came out, assessed our foundation problems and explained in detail what needed to be done. Kelly Cua , who was such a joy to work with, then scheduled a time for Foundation Xperts to come out to do the job. Again, they arrived right on time both days and one of the workers, Randy Grice, kept us informed of what they were doing at each stage of the job. After the job was completed, Randy showed me and explained step by step what had been done and how this would solve our foundation problems. It was such pleasure doing business with a company that is very professional, dependable with friendly and competent employees.

Thanks. Rick and Sherry


I had a great experience with Foundation Xperts. Randy was helpful and thorough in planning my project. He worked with me to find a good solution that was appropriate and was not overbuilt in a way that would have cost me more than necessary. Frank was detailed oriented and easy to communicate with while the crew worked on site. Everyone who came to our house was friendly and conscientious. I am generally someone who is not easily pleased when it comes to construction projects, but I was quite pleased with the final product in this case. For affordability and professional work, I strongly recommend Foundation Xperts.

Andrew Wright

Dear Foundation Xperts Team:

Our appreciation for your exceedingly competent handling of the structural repair work at our home.  An extreme situation was pleasantly and effectively handled by all and we wish to acknowledge that we have already refrred your company to someone in Wilmington.

We are awaiting final resorative concrete work, which was scheduled by Bill Clark Homes for 8 am today; however, rain has left that date pending.

As verified with the engineer, one internal pier was not used, and it is our understanding that should the situation warrant its installation, that could be done at a later time but this is not expected.

Dealing with Randy, Frank, Dianne, David and crews was a very good experience and your efforts are commended.


Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season.



Donna L Beehler

CC: Bonded Builders Warranty Group, Brett C Beehler, Esq.

I want to thank you for a very positive experience in the repair of my deck support slabs. The job was done in a timely and efficient manner with no damage whatsoever to the adjacent area. Your supervisor and his crew were courteous and did an excellent job. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone requiring foundation-type installations and repairs.



Just wanted to thank you for the excellent and professional way in which you made repairs to our foundation.  The work was done quickly, neatly and well.  Even to replanting a bush. 

You can be sure I will recommend you to others if asked.

Jean Stasi
Chapel Hill , NC